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Do you like to test the service before use?

No problem... Our demo system with all major functions of the attendee side is available upon request.

ConfWare eSupport Center

eSupport Center: Professional support system for the satisfied customers
We provide not only a great online system but we help the organizers' work efficiently

  • eSupport Center ticket-based support system (eSupport site: for the organizers. E-mail based error handling and communication, Knowledgebase, Troubleshooter and Downloads sections.
  • After receiving an error report the intervention / repair begins and implemented within hours. Automatic ticket confirmation, continuous ticket tracking.
  • The system management problems and answers appear in the Troubleshooter and the Knowledgebase sections of the eSupport system
  • Updated Knowledgebase materials in the eSupport system for our customers
  • New developments of the ConfWareTM system appear in the Knowledgebase section
  • Downloadable user manuals in PDF format
  • Newsletters for our customers about ConfWareTM news and updates


Why are these features important?
  • The attendees have access to public Troubleshooter materials of the eSupport system so in most cases they can serve themselves
  • The state of the ticket-based requests and answers can be continuously monitored. New answers and solutions from time to time entered to the Troubleshooter and Knowledgebase sections of the eSupport system
  • You can expect our free help to answer/solve all questions/queries in relation to the system usage
  • The participants' high level service enhances the reputation of the organizing company and generate further orders for you


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