Should you start the registration process soon?

ConfWare is a proven system with many references. Order your registration system now and you can use it within 48 hours!

Do you like to test the service before use?

No problem... Our demo system with all major functions of the attendee side is available upon request.

Hotel & transfer online booking

Let your registrants manage their own accommodation & transfer details themselves
Accommodation & local transfer booking opportunities are available in the ConfWareTM online system with wide range of setup options.

  • Short hotel descriptions with photos & Google Maps
  • Hotel categories, hotels and room choices settings in the system
  • Reservation interval can be set by room type, daily price or deposit setting option
  • Room sharing possibility
  • Prices and currency can be set by participant category
  • Manual or automatic room type locking facility (quota management)
  • Automatic and admin-side roommate management
  • Real-time generated rooming lists
  • Local transfer options (arrival and departure times and flight number should be given)
  • Real-time generated transfer lists


Why are these features important?
  • Reservations simpler and easier for the registrants, with less organizers' work
  • Ensures maximum room occupancy and provides room rearrange possibility for the organizers
  • Real-time generated rooming lists for the hotels
  • Real-time generated transfer lists for the transfer suppliers


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