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Online abstract submission

Powerful and versatile abstract management facilities for academic conferences
The ConfWareTM system contains all necessary components for abstract handling which are essential in a scientific event.

  • Submission of presentations with abstract and full paper upload
  • Submission of presentations via web form as plain text (abstract book generation is available in this case)
  • Automatic confirmation e-mail notification from the successful submission
  • Many parameters of the submission can be set by the organizers
  • Topic/session and presentation type management
  • Entering keywords, choice of presentation tools
  • Several ordered and/or filtered lists with Excel export option
  • Author index and keyword index generation possibility


Why are these features important?
  • The registration and abstract submission in one integrated system simplifies the tasks of attendees
  • Thanks to the online abstract management a lot of work and cost savings can be realized both on the attendee and organizers side
  • There is no problem with the storage and organizing of the submitted materials
  • Modification/deletion of the submitted materials is simple by the submitters and do not require organizers' intervention
  • The online abstract handling allows the online abstract review as well as composing the scientific program online
  • The online abstract handling allows to apply further online facilities like author index and keyword index generation


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