Should you start the registration process soon?

ConfWare is a proven system with many references. Order your registration system now and you can use it within 48 hours!

Do you like to test the service before use?

No problem... Our demo system with all major functions of the attendee side is available upon request.

Online payment options

Accept payments online with real-time credit card processing!
The ConfWareTM system offers the online credit card and PayPal payments as built-in service in Pro packages.

  • PayPal/Credit card payment through the international PayPal service
  • EUR/HUF based credit card payment through some hungarian banks (CIB Bank, K&H Bank, OTP Bank, FHB Bank)
  • EUR/HUF based credit card payment through SimplePay service
  • International credit card payment through the Wirecard CEE service
  • Acceptance of cancellation and refund terms and conditions is mandatory on the payment form
  • The transaction data and result are stored in our database
  • Automatic confirmation e-mail to the payer and notification e-mail to the organizers
  • More gateways to online banking and payment systems in progress


Why are these features important?
  • The online payment option is basic requirement of the international conferences
  • The registrants can pay with credit card or via PayPal
  • Faster increase in event revenues with online credit card payment


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