Should you start the registration process soon?

ConfWare is a proven system with many references. Order your registration system now and you can use it within 48 hours!

Do you like to test the service before use?

No problem... Our demo system with all major functions of the attendee side is available upon request.

Benefits of using the ConfWare online system

cost effective

The usage of the ConfWareTM online service significantly reduces the workload and the traditional costs of the organization.

At the same time, thanks to the convenient, simple and versatile options of the online system, the number of attendees and their satisfaction increases. The high level service enhances the reputation of your company and generate further orders for you.

ConfWareTM reduce the organizers' work by 50%

  • Reduces/eliminates data entry work
  • Reduces/Eliminates data modification work
  • Eliminates manual payments with credit card
  • Reduces/eliminates manual confirmation mailings
  • Eliminates manual pro-forma invoice generation
  • Eliminates manual tracking and report generation

ConfWareTM cut the costs of the event by 20%

  • Reduces invitation mailings costs
  • Reduces paper registration form costs
  • Reduces data input time/costs
  • Reduces attendee changes time/costs
  • Reduces pro-forma invoice mailing costs
  • Reduces credit card processing time/costs
  • Reduces hotel management time/costs
  • Reduces reporting time/costs
  • Reduces communication time/costs with attendees
  • Reduces software costs

ConfWareTM increase the attendance of the event by 15-20%

  • Easier and faster to register than fax or mail forms
  • Safer registration due to secure access management
  • The registration process can be performed in several parts
  • Easier to make changes after registering
  • Faster confirmations with auto-emails
  • More professional looking
  • Easier to pay with credit card and PayPal



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