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ConfWare system modules


ConfWareTM online system has modular structure, so we build your system with modules required for your event.



  • Personal data
    The first-time users must register with their personal data for use the online system. The registration form contains name, affiliation, postal address and other contact data. The valid e-mail address is necessary for the authentication process. The registered users can enter to the system with their individual login/password pair.
  • Registration category
    Participation fee categories can be set in this module according to the payment's timing (earlybird/late/on-site) and the title of the participant (academic/industrial, member/non member, student, accompanying person). The time-dependent categories can be closed via the administration module.
  • Abstract submission
    Essential module of scientific conferences. The online abstract submission system allows the selected reviewers to judge abstracts online, without time and geographical bounds. The form contains the title of the abstract; the names and affiliation of the authors; the chosen topic (or section); abstract type (oral/poster); keywords and the selection of required technical equipments for oral presentations (computer projector, overhead projector). After the submission of an abstract, participants are able to upload a summary of the presentation, in the required format, to our web server. However, it is possible to upload the text of the presentation straight into the form's appropriate field, but only ASCII characters are allowed. Furthermore, if needed, the system provides facilities for uploading the full paper, CV or photos.
  • Accommodation
    Offers selection from the list of accommodations tendered by the organiser. Multiple rooms can be chosen from the same and/or different hotels. Participants are able to choose room type (single/double, extra suits e.g.: Danube view) and give the arrival and departure date. Payment terms can be configured from the administration side. The module handles room sharing, also, due to the contingent management, it automatically removes the sold out room types from the selectable accommodations.
  • Social Programmes
    A list of the optional programs, given by the organisers. Applicants are able to choose the suitable ones and determine the participation rate.
  • Accompanying persons
    Naming accompanying persons. They pay accompanying participation fee.
  • Lunches
    Through the system it is possible to order lunches, filtered by day and category (e.g.: vegetarian), which are offered by the organiser, but not included in the participation fee.
  • Transfer
    The system accepts transfer claims. Arrival date, time and flight number can be given (e.g.: Budapest-country transfer for foreign participants).
  • Registration fee
    Organisers are able to define limitless number of payment categories according to the payment's timing (earlybird/late/on-site) and the title of the participant (academic/industrial, member/non member, student, accompanying person).
  • Payment
    On the payment form, participants can check the summed price of the chosen services. Here, an alternate billing address and the paying method can also be specified. On the form, every necessary information can be found for a bank transfer transaction.
    In our system, there is a possibility of online credit card payment. In this case, after the necessary verifying, the transaction takes place immediately. Both the organiser and the participant receives an e-mail about the result of the transaction. The ConfWareTM system has several online payment options: CIB Bank eCommerce, K&H Bank, OTP Bank, FHB Bank, WireCard and PayPal. More gateways to online banking and payment systems in progress.
  • Administration: WebAdmin Center
    Administrators and Scientific/Organising Committee members (with multiple authority options), through this module, are able to monitor participation, abstract submission, reservation, payment and reviews online, by checking the appropriate lists. Several system options can also be configured through this module. In addition, it offers mail merge options, therefore e-mails can be sent to participants in any subject and to presenters about review results.
  • Review system
    Reviewers, through secure, password protected internet connection, are able to rate presentations and later make final decision. After the review period, organisers of abstracts, which are classified in categories, will receive a system generated e-mail about the results. The wording of the mass e-mails can be personalized by category.
  • Scientific program management
    Ranked presentations can be scheduled through the Internet by authorised session managers and scientific committee members. Succession can be modified any time, the system monitors the scheduling, so daily time limit will not be exceeded.


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