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Modular structure

Thanks to the modular structure of ConfWare, the registration system can be adapted to your specific needs. You can freely choose the modules you want to use, without any additional costs or predefined package restrictions, which ensures easy transparency. We briefly present the main features of each module.

Registration module

The key to a successful event is a versatile, user-focused online registration system where all data can be managed in one place and registration fees can be tracked continuously.
Main features:

  • - personal and professional data can be collected customised for the event
  • - dietary restrictions can be recorded to support high-quality catering services
  • - participants with limited mobility can request assistance in advance
  • - individually adjustable participant categories
  • - configurable registration fees and periods
  • - registration categories can be assigned codes
  • - easily manageable individual discounts
  • - unique identification with QR codes to facilitate on-site registration
  • - flexible management of administrative rights
Participant category module

Different user interfaces can be created for each participant group, which can differ in language, currency, prices and available programs.
Main features:

  • - the event modules can be selected to determine which modules are visible to a particular category of participants
  • - a separate interface can be created for invited guests
  • - a registration interface can be set up for exhibitors and sponsors
Abstract submission module

For scientific events, this module is used to submit short abstracts of presentations. Using this module, participants can easily upload their abstracts to the same system in which they register.
Main features:

  • - configurable types of presentations
  • - individually configurable topics
  • - limit on the number of abstracts submitted
  • - option for file upload or text submission
  • - automatic confirmation email upon successful submission
  • - option to upload both abstracts and full papers
  • - the need for presentation tools can be assessed
  • - participants can track the status of their abstracts
  • - creation of a book of abstracts and a list of authors
Abstract review module

In this module, reviewers can easily and conveniently review submitted abstracts.
Main features:

  • - predefining reviewers and reviewer groups
  • - adding user-defined evaluation criteria
  • - allowing evaluation scores and values
  • - distinguishing the final decision maker as the arbiter
  • - allowing blind review options
  • - allowing the scored abstract to be assigned to a different group or topic based on the reviewer's decision
  • - notification of review results to participants via email and in the system
  • - reviewers can leave comments for authors
  • - administrators can monitor the progress of the reviews
ikon program
Program editor module

Efficient and fast program compilation using presentation data stored in the system.
Main features:

  • - Time table elements: date, time, room, chairperson

  • - add events directly from the data table or by typing them in

  • - easy rearrangement of events

  • - automatic checking of the time frame

  • - the finished program can be exported in various formats

  • - choice between room-based or time-based order

Virtual conference module

ConfWare can be used to implement both online and hybrid conferences, so participants only need to use one platform from registration and abstract submission to viewing online broadcasts.
Main features:

  • - online conference presentations can be accessed directly from the registration page, even after the conference

  • - access links for presentations can be pre-recorded in the system

  • - unique access rights can be defined for each virtual session

  • - registered conference participants access the virtual sections via their own ConfWare account

Payment module

A simple and clear payment interface for participants, while organizers can easily track their revenue.
Main features:

  • - flexible payment options (bank transfer, credit card payment)

  • - multiple currencies can be used, even simultaneously

  • - downloadable proforma invoice and order summary

  • - tax number verification (within EU+UK)

  • - integration with Számlá invoicing system

  • - integration with PayPal payment gateway

  • - integration with Simple Pay payment gateway

  • - integration with CIB payment gateway

  • - integration with Barion payment gateway

  • - integration with other billing systems or payment gateways can be implemented as a custom development

Email newsletter module

Provides personalized but mass email communication between organizers and participants for smoother communication.
Main features:

  • - personalized newsletters for registered participants

  • - selectable recipients (paid participants, unpaid participants, etc.)

  • - personalized notification of evaluation results

  • - the system notifies participants separately about review results created later.

  • - the system saves a copy of each sent email

  • - automatic confirmations can be sent for certain registration processes (creating a profile, uploading an abstract, etc.)

Social programs and courses module

With this module, optional programs, courses and workshops can be linked to the main event, effectively supporting the organization of various events.
Main features:

  • - an unlimited number of social events or courses can be created

  • - program description with date, time, location, and image

  • - social events can be sold separately

  • - management of included and separately paid events

  • - easy listing of program participants

Accommodation booking module

Available room types can be displayed and a seamless room booking process can be provided for participants.
Main features:

  • - presentation of accommodations with pictures and maps

  • - different room types from multiple accommodations can be managed in one place

  • - display of room properties

  • - booking time interval, daily price or deposit can be set for each room type

  • - price and currency can be set for each participant category

  • - room sharing between participants

  • - automatic and administrative management of roommates

  • - contingent allocation to avoid overbooking

  • - manual or automatic closing of room types (contingent management)

  • - booking lists can be downloaded

  • - payment can be made via the platform

Transfers module

Provides an ideal solution for organizations offering full-service transportation to their guests.
Main features:

  • - predefined available transfers

  • - entry of arrival time and flight number

  • - downloadable transfer lists

Lunch module

A module to manage the meals offered by the organizers, which can be sold in addition to the registration fee.
Main features:

  • - multiple options for lunch

  • - daily lunch menus

  • - sorting of meals by selected diets (regular, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.)

  • - handling of meals that are included in the registration fee and those that must be paid for separately

Admin module

The module allows you to set access levels for administrators, so that you can set different privileges for the partners involved in the organisation.
Main features:

  • - an unlimited number of administrator accounts can be created

  • - access can be regulated individually, so that each administrator can manage only the data assigned to him/her

  • - the module enables the involvement of organizational partners if needed

Helps module

Supplemental text can be placed at various points in the system to help participants navigate and provide information.
Main features:

  • - custom text can be placed on the interfaces of each module

  • - basic formatting options

  • - text can be changed at any time while using the system